Drop of Happiness


Dounia Mokrane

Born on; April 20 th , 1990 at: Chlef (Algeria). Graduated from “Hassiba Ben Bouali” university, Master’s Degree Holder in International Trade Specialty. She’s an ambitious reader and a secret writer since she was 16 years old, she doesn’t get the chance to unleash her book till nowadays. “Drop of Happiness” is her first published book.

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Happiness can be found even in the darkness, if you only turn on the light so that hold on your light lamp and remember to light up your life whenever you need a different sparkled spot, which could make your days shiny and beautiful in a perfect path.

The light is hard to be found, possible to be catched, when you decide to hold it so tight you’ll never lose it again. Just keep caring, sharing and focusing on your path, let it straighten-up and wake-up with a smile on your face.

Here my advice to you whoever reading this; if you’re a dare, faith and power to do anything can lead you to your dream just do it once, twice …till you achieve it, never look back or get down because of others disappointment, bad comments, useless mentions,… life is a riddle but it’s also short.

I love daily quotes because it’s the only way which proves that our days isn’t routine.

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