Lotus: Poems About HE


Mohamed Elamine Mecheri

Mohamed Elamine (mostly known by Mamin) is 24 years old. He is a HIGHBROW (A keen fan of Cultures) and a BIBLIOPHILE (enjoys reading books and collect them). Mamin is always around, full of chills, kind and he is such a perky-soul, they say.
With his emotions and love of writing, Mamin drew his poetry in framed words that behind each there is a story.

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   LOTUS: Poems about HE is a collection of poems were born from words of reality. The poems were inspired by the Lotus flower that is born in the dirt and the mud, yet fights the struggles to live, raises and blossoms to the brighten sun. The “HE” is anyone who is/has been struggling in life. The “HE” is You and I, Them and Us. The poems you will read will take you to a journey full of ups and downs, hates and hopes. They will take you to a journey you and I already drifted or will drift upon.



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